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GTF Rural Texas College Sponsorship

The Greater Texas Foundation (GTF) has graciously provided funding to the Bellwether College Consortium for the sponsorship of two rural community college teams to attend the 2024 Community College Futures Assembly. This sponsorship will enable two teams of three individuals from Texas rural community colleges to gain knowledge from award-winning colleges competing for the Bellwether Award. BCC is thrilled to collaborate with the Greater Texas Foundation. For the purpose of identifying a rural community college, BCC will utilize the IPEDS definition for rural designation. Greater-Texas-Foundation_image.png

Learn more about the Greater Texas Foundation at

For the purpose of this competition, we are inviting community colleges identified by IPEDs as rural: remote, rural: distant, rural: fringe, town: distant, and town: remote. See the list here.

Thank you for your interest in the Greater Texas Foundation Rural College Sponsorship. Please complete the following form linked below and submit this entry by Friday, July 28 at 5:00 pm (Central). 


Application Form Is Now Closed