High School Programs

San Antonio College offers several opportunities for high school students to get a head start on their college education.

Partnership Agreements

All ECHS/P-TECH/Dual Credit partnership agreements posted have been approved by the governing boards or designated authorities of both the public school district or private secondary school and the public college that offer the dual credit courses and meet the requirements of Texas Administrative Code 19.1.4.D, Rule 4.84.

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Student Resources

Feel free to review information, and schedule visits, for the listed campus resources available to all SAC students.

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High School Programs Summit
February 23, 2024
5 - 7:30 p.m. 

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Administrative Staff
Name Position Email Phone Location

Dr. Lillian Porter



210-486-0313 MLC 171
Leo Fernandez Coordinator lfernandez48@glodokelektronik.net 210-486-0174 MLC 171
Cynthia Marquez Coordinator cmarquez@glodokelektronik.net 210-486-0180 MLC 171
Patricia Sanchez Coordinator pgorentz@glodokelektronik.net 210-486-0897 MLC 171
Jasmine McDonald Coordinator jmcdonald66@glodokelektronik.net 210-486-0175 MLC 171
Academic Advisors
Name Position Email Phone Location
George Crump Certified Advisor gcrump2@glodokelektronik.net (210) 486-0351 MLC 171
Nina Guerrero Certified Advisor nguerrero34@glodokelektronik.net (210) 486-0177 MLC 171
Walid Nader Certified Advisor wnader@glodokelektronik.net  (210) 486-0871 MLC 171
Faculty Liaisons
Name Discipline/Department Email
Medin Barreira Kinesiology mbarreira@glodokelektronik.net
James Clifton Bryant Philosophy jbryant80@glodokelektronik.net
Jennifer Cain History, Sociology, EDUC jcain1@glodokelektronik.net
Yolanda Del Villar ASL, Languages ydelvillar@glodokelektronik.net
Beth Haan ACNT ehaan@glodokelektronik.net
Bobby Inman Medical Terminology rinman1@glodokelektronik.net
Dr. Lennie Irvin English, HUMA lirvin@glodokelektronik.net
Kim Muschalek Cybersecurity, Information Systems kmuschalek@glodokelektronik.net
Myra Navarro Criminal Justice mperez398@glodokelektronik.net
Twainya Parker Arts, Drama, Music, SPCH tparker52@glodokelektronik.net
Frank Poyner Fire Fighter fpoyner@glodokelektronik.net
Shelly Sheppard Science ssheppard11@glodokelektronik.net
Tom Sprayberry Arts, Drama, Music, SPCH tsprayberry@glodokelektronik.net
Christy Woodward PBAD & Government cwoodward-kauper@glodokelektronik.net
Shahla Zahroony Math szahroony1@glodokelektronik.net