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Spesifikasi Samsung Kulkas Side By Side 510 L - RS-51K54F02C

Kapasitas 510 L
Sistem Pendinginan Twin Cooling +
Metal Cooling Y
Precise Chef Cooling Y
Display LED Lighting
Power Consumption  433 W
Recess Handle Y
Ice Tray Y
Dimens W x H x D i 912x1789x700mm
Garansi Garansi Samsung 1 Tahun
Type Samsung Kulkas Side By Side 510 L - RS-51K54F02C
SKU RS-51K54F02C

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The beauty of minimalist design is not just the expression on the Samsung RS51K54F02C refrigerator. Built-in handles and invisible hinges make it suitable for any modern interior. In turn, the black glass finish and the blue LED display emphasize its elegance.

Innovative brushless Digital Inverter compressor will save you significant energy savings. Its nine sensors check and record information such as the external and internal temperature, and also when you use the refrigerator most often. Data helps optimize the settings so that the cooling is exceptionally systematic. As a result, it consumes 24% less energy than traditional compressors.

The Multi Flow system blows cool air into the cooler through small ventilation openings located on several levels of the back wall of the appliance. Thanks to this, a constant temperature is maintained inside which keeps the food fresh for longer.

With two independent air circuits, the RS51K54F02C precisely controls the temperature inside and maintains optimum humidity inside the refrigerator and freezer. As a result, thanks to Twin Cooling ™ technology, ice cubes do not smell the frozen garlic bread before, and the fruits left in your refrigerator are longer fresh and juicy.

You can forget about the tedious defrosting of your refrigerator. No Frost technology ensures even cooling, so that the food stays fresh and the freezer walls do not overlap with ice. This also saves energy and increases the durability of the cooling system.

The LED lighting system accurately illuminates every shelf of the refrigerator so you can find every product you store in a short space of time. This special lighting not only takes up little space but also uses less energy and produces less heat than conventional light bulbs.

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Side by Side, Kulkas,
  • 150000(gr)
  • 912x1789x700mm
  • Garansi Resmi 1 Tahun
Side by Side, Kulkas,