Fiesta Events Across the Alamo Colleges District

April 11, 2023

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People on the Alamo Colleges District Fiesta River Parade Float


在日历上标出M8体育APP的一些节日乐趣. When it comes to Fiesta time, M8体育APP是家三个官方批准的节日活动和一个非官方的节日活动.

Interested in attending any of our Alamo Colleges events?

To make things easy, M8体育APP收集了一份家庭友好活动的清单,其中包括美味的肋骨烹饪, live music, mariachis, and lots of fun in between.


College Events


St. Philip's College CultureFest and Rib Cook-Off

Thursday, April 27

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

St. Philip’s College, 1801 Martin Luther King Drive

St. Philip's College has hosted the CultureFest since 1995. 文化节庆祝圣安东尼奥丰富的遗产和圣安东尼奥的文化影响. 菲利普学院是圣安东尼奥历史上最杰出和种族多元化的高等教育机构之一.

It is a high-energy and kid-friendly festival featuring; a rib cook-off, LIVE music, a car show, food and non-food vendors, and several grill raffles, all in one location!

Do you have the best ribs in town? Sign up for our Rib Cook-off contest today. Proceeds from CultureFest help fund student scholarships.

Free Event

Two women dressed up in fiesta ribbons and sashes and smiling


Thursday, April 27

11:30 a.m. – Midnight

Palo Alto College, 1400 W. Villaret Blvd.

帕洛阿尔托学院的PACfest是官方的Fiesta®活动,在Fiesta的鲜花大战游行之前的星期四举行. This family-friendly event features music, food booths, and more. Bring your lawn chairs and blankets, as this year will be a blast. The PACFest 2023 schedule at a glance includes a Kids Game Zone, 互动社交媒体小巷和大卫·李·加尔扎的现场音乐, Jaime DeAnda, David Farias, and more. PACFest is presented by Bud Light.

$15 per person, free for children ages 12 and under

$10 Parking

Free admission for current Palo Alto students



Northwest Vista College’s Shortest Fiesta Parade

Thursday, April 27

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Northwest Vista College

Between Desert Willow and Cypress Buildings, 3535 N. Ellison Drivedarkbluerule1200x5.png

To commemorate Fiesta, Northwest Vista College faculty, 教职工和学生将穿上他们最好的节日色彩和服装,在4月27日举行他们自己的“鲜花大战”游行. For well over 20 years, 西北维斯塔学院一直在庆祝维斯塔万岁和它最短的节日游行.

几个部门和团队将参加学生成功的游行, the President’s Office and College Services. 本次活动由雷士教职员参议院和众多志愿者共同协调.

Free Event

Man playing the drums

Fredstock Music Fest 

Friday, April 28

2 p.m. – 10 p.m.

San Antonio College

Longwith Radio, Television, and Film Building, 121 W. Courtland Place

Fredstock, now in its 14th year, 是由圣安东尼奥学院音乐商业项目的学生组织和呈现的一年一度的街区派对和音乐节吗. 今年的活动将包括所有你最喜欢的节日食物和现场音乐尼娜迪亚兹, Los #3 Diners, Blue Sundries and more.

弗雷德斯托克音乐节的收益将用于资助音乐商业项目奖学金. This live music event will be simulcast on KSYM, 90.1 FM. Bring the kids out, 抓一把草坪椅,享受家庭乐趣,同时为教育做出贡献.

Free Event


Bonus Events

ACD students and employees on a river float

The Texas Cavaliers River Parade

Monday, April 24

7 p.m.

San Antonio River Walk

M8体育APP也将参加德州骑士队的河上游行. 活动将在美丽的圣安东尼奥河畔举行.

游行的收益每年为70多个儿童慈善机构和超过1个,200 service men and women, 1,200 first responders and 800 children are invited to attend for free. 今年,M8体育APP的花车将以德州后院烧烤为主题! 一定要在河边步道上站定位置,观看M8体育APP充满活力的花车, or catch the parade on KSAT.

M8体育APP也将参加德州骑士队的河上游行. 沿着美丽的圣安东尼奥河步道欣赏充满活力的花车. 游行的收益每年都会为70多个儿童慈善机构提供资金. Over 1,200 service men and women, 1,200 first responders and 800 children are invited to attend for free. This year, the Alamo Colleges float will be Medieval Times themed! 一定要在河边步道站定位置,观看M8体育APP的花车, or catch the parade on KSAT.

Ticket prices vary and are available for purchase online.

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Photo of students enjoying the Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade

Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade 

Saturday, April 29

7:15 - 11:30 p.m. 

Downtown San Antonio

M8体育APP将参加最大的夜间灯光游行,这被称为嘉年华的亮点. 一年一度的游行吸引了超过75万的街头观众,并有1.5 million television audience. 提前购票或在KSAT上观看游行现场,观看学生参加游行. 2023年的庆典将以“庆典75周年钻石婚”为主题.

Ticket prices vary and are available for purchase online.

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