ACD Recruiting Fourth Year of AlamoPROMISE 学生



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9月开始. 1, eligible graduating high school seniors of the academic class of 2023 can sign up to be an AlamoPROMISE Scholar by filling out the “节省座位” pledge form at 阿拉莫.edu/promise

AlamoPROMISE现在已经是第四个年头了Ng 11个学区的合作伙伴和超过47个 schools as a result of an expanded level of service that reaches more students across the region. The expanded list of high schools targets approximately 13,500 students as prospects for the AlamoPROMISE Program, 预计入学人数为3人,800名学生.

AlamoPROMISE covers tuition and required fees for current academic year graduates from participating high schools seeking an academic certificate or associate’s degree at 其中之一 five 阿拉莫大学: 东北湖景学院, 西北维斯塔学院, 帕洛阿尔托学院, 圣安东尼奥学院, 和圣. 菲利普的大学. 

要符合资格,学生必须b即将毕业的大四学生 其中之一 47所AlamoPROMISE高中 and complete all Alamo 大学 区 admissions, 招生, financial aid requirements and any other program requirements that are communicated. 

作为AlamoPROMISE学者, students receive a "last-dollar" scholarship for up to three years or the completion of an associate's degree or academic certificate, 先到者为准. The "last-dollar" scholarship funds the cost of tuition and required fees after financial aid awards are applied. 

The first cohort of AlamoPROMISE scholars were recruited in the fall of 2019 and enrolled as AlamoPROMISE scholars in the fall of 2020. Last year, the inaugural cohort of graduates crossed the stage across all five 阿拉莫大学. And as a result of the expanded level of service, 破纪录的10人,000 high school seniors took the first step by signing up to save their seat to be an AlamoPROMISE Scholar. 

2022年5月, AlamoPROMISE项目 was spotlighted on the nationwide news program, PBS 新闻Hour. The story profiled an AlamoPROMISE Scholar and explored how AlamoPROMISE项目 is tackling education inequality with free and reduced college in 圣安东尼奥. The segment aired as part of the award-winning program’s Rethinking 大学 series. 

“The M8体育APP is proud to begin our fourth year of recruitment for our AlamoPROMISE program to continue our moonshot of ending decades of generational poverty in our community,” 博士说. Mike Flores, M8体育APP Chancellor. “We thank the countless supporters of this program, including our city leaders - City of 圣安东尼奥 Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the members of the 圣安东尼奥 City Council, 以及 慷慨的捐赠. The dream remains to guide our students to success so they can prosper with high-wage, 高需求领域.”

除了免学费的援助, AlamoPROMISE Scholars have access to wraparound services such as advising, 职业咨询和财务方面的帮助, health and other issues that present barriers to completing a college education.

Anyone interested in learning more about how to apply and qualify is encouraged to visit 阿拉莫.edu/promise.