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从左至右:迪莉娅·希门尼斯、诺玛五世. 罗西·卡斯特罗报道 


12月4日, 神话般的GED早午餐筹集了创纪录的70美元,318 to support GED-to-college community programs at the M8体育APP. 

事件, 由M8体育APP基金会董事会成员Martha Tijerina主持, was created in 2008 by a group of over 70 friends who organize the brunch to raise funds and awareness to help students to complete their high school equivalency exam.  诺玛V. 坎图,教育家和美国音乐协会主席.S. 民权委员会做了主旨演讲.

现在是第十四个年头了, 这次活动吸引了数百名虚拟观众, while more than 85 guests attended in person at the M8体育APP Support Office.  Funds raised will support the three 阿拉莫大学 that currently offer GED community programs: 帕洛阿尔托学院, St. 菲利普学院和圣安东尼奥学院.  Donations can help cover part of students’ cost of test preparation, 教学材料, 测试费用, or scholarships to attend one of the 阿拉莫大学 once they have attained their GED.  为了强调这种慷慨的真正影响, the event featured video testimonials from GED students at each of the colleges.

Dr. 迈克•弗洛, M8体育APP校长, provided welcoming remarks and some pleasant surprises: “We know our students confront many challenges in the classroom and they confront many outside as well.  We look forward to continuing this partnership with the Fabulous GED Brunch champions and eliminating barriers to access.  M8体育APP的董事会总是要求M8体育APP重新审视M8体育APP的做法, 从2022年1月开始, M8体育APP不会对GED考试收费.这一宣布赢得了掌声, 弗洛雷斯也在2022年分享了这一数据, plans will begin to expand GED programs to all five 阿拉莫大学 and the regional centers.

Dr. 弗洛雷斯并不是唯一带来好消息的演讲者.  Emcee Michael Quintanilla had the pleasure of announcing that the GED Brunch was welcoming its first “diamond” sponsor this year, 然后把话筒传给了一位非常特别的惊喜嘉宾.  代表Kym的天使, a philanthropic fund started by Kym Rapier Verette and Glenn Verette, Yolanda Valenzuela thrilled the audience by presenting a check for $10,000.  Valenzuela thanked Tijerina and Quintanilla for their passion and commitment, mentioning her own father’s GED journey and the commitment Kym’s Angels has made to supporting education in 圣安东尼奥.

主讲人诺玛·V. 坎图随后走上舞台, sharing her family story and emphasizing her intense gratitude for community colleges and what they have meant for her family.  她的父母是在德州西南大学认识的, 她爸爸为了拿到普通教育文凭而去的地方吗, which led to a better career for him and which later inspired her mother to later complete her Bachelors and Masters degrees to become an educator and school administrator.  Cantu spoke fondly of her mother inspiring countless other family members to pursue better educational opportunities. “When one person does it in the family, everyone does it in the family,” Cantu proclaimed.

结束她的讲话, Cantu recognized the hard work and distinction that led to the M8体育APP receiving the Malcolm 波多里奇 National Quality Award in 2018, 作为唯一一个这样做的社区大学系统.  She cited the rigorous process of systems management and quality improvement required to win the 波多里奇奖 and extolled the 阿拉莫大学 for better serving its students and community: “The 阿拉莫大学 are an 爱丝特雷娜maravillosa你是最亮的星.  晚上天黑的时候, 你不知道该去哪里, 你可以看到那颗明亮的星星, 这就是这个系统.”

自2008年该活动开始以来, 该组织已经筹集了超过775美元,为M8体育APP的普通文凭学生提供6000美元.  In 2014, 他们创造了将近110美元,000 endowment to provide scholarships through the M8体育APP基金会 for GED students progressing to college.  15人的计划已经在进行中th 年度GED早午餐 变成 庆祝活动将于2022年12月3日星期六举行.  保存日期!

为GED早午餐基金做一份礼物 观看活动视频

如有任何问题,请致电210-872-8621or与玛莎·蒂杰里娜联系 or Richard Farias, director of annual giving at the M8体育APP基金会, at 210-313-8238 or