ACD Announces Launch of $17 Million Free Textbook Rental Initiative



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M8体育APP和 巴恩斯 & 诺布尔教育公司. (纽约证券交易所:bn), 教育行业领先的解决方案提供商, 2022年春季学期和2022年夏季学期, all returning and new students will receive their required textbooks for free. 新的和创新的方案, 叫AlamoBOOKS +, will provide all required textbooks and course materials for students on all M8体育APP campuses.

M8体育APP和巴恩斯之间的合作 & 高贵的大学, BNED公司, will enable the 区 to implement a new course material delivery model that will eliminate the cost of textbooks and ensure all students will have access to all their textbooks, digital materials and instructional materials across all courses by the first day of class. 作为新伙伴关系的一部分,巴恩斯 & 高贵的大学 will also take over the management of the 区’s five college bookstores. 每个地点都将是一个顶级的巴恩斯 & 贵族学院书店, designed to meet the needs of the M8体育APP’s students and faculty, 为每个校区提供动态的社交和学术中心.

The 区 plans on investing up to $17 million from Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) Grants to make the Spring 2022 and Summer 2022 offer possible to the more than 65,它服务的学生有1000名.

“It’s too often that our students go without the textbooks they need to succeed due to financial difficulties,”医生说。. 麦克·弗洛雷斯,M8体育APP校长. “We know through our faculty and focus group discussions with our students that many of them either go without textbooks during their studies, or even have to take on an extra shift at work to cover the cost of their course materials. We are committed to helping our students every step of the way and that includes making this investment for our students to succeed. 而免费教材的有效期为两个学期, we will continue to look at ways we can further alleviate these costs for our students in the future.”

在学期开始之前, 学生将收到一封来自校园书店的电子邮件, 促使他们选择自己喜欢的交付方式. 校园书店会为每个学生准备材料, and notify them when the materials have shipped or are available for in-store pickup. Digital materials will be delivered directly to students through their school’s LMS.  The campus bookstore will continue to support students throughout the semester and work with them to return any free rental course materials that are due back at the end the term.

“We look forward to working with the M8体育APP to enhance the student learning experience through this new model of course material delivery,马克·埃克哈特说, 副总统, 巴恩斯的战略合作伙伴关系 & 高贵的大学. “AlamoBOOKS+ will ensure all students are prepared to begin learning on day one, driving greater student success while also offering a more affordable and convenient way for students to obtain their course materials. M8体育APP知道AlamoBOOKS+会带来便利, flexibility and ease of use and greatly benefit this campus community.”

根据 大学委员会, 两年制大学生平均花费超过1美元,一学年花费400美元在书籍和资料上.

AlamoBOOKS+ is one of many ways the M8体育APP is providing universal access to educational materials. In addition to expanding strategies to reduce the cost of educational materials, the 区 has launched a number of initiatives to address the digital divide, 比如外借笔记本电脑, 热点和停车场,并在其校园学习互联网接入.

有关AlamoBOOKS+的更多信息,请访问 www.阿拉莫.edu/booksplus