Register for Classes

无论您是第一次注册还是添加更多课程, 所有M8体育APP的学生都可以使用在线注册工具完全在线注册课程.


Steps to Register


  1. Log in to ACES at
  2. Navigate to the Student tab
  3. Click the “Register Here” graphic

Using this online tool, students can:

  • Prepare for registration
  • Synchronize existing degree plans
  • View past schedules
  • Browse classes and the course catalog
  • Register for classes

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Register - Tool Details

使用这个在线工具,学生可以从头到尾管理他们的注册. Here is where students can find various functions:

Prepare for Registration

  • Status of student profile
  • Registration holds
  • Time ticketing schedule
  • Number of credit hours earned
  • Class standing
  • Declared degree and major

Register for Classes

  • Search and register for classes
  • View and manage your schedule

Plan Ahead

  • Build a plan for the upcoming term
  • Load existing Alamo GPS academic success plans

Browse Classes

  • Look through available classes

View Registration Information

  • View past schedules and ungraded classes
  • Print schedule


Course Catalog

  • 您可以在这里查询基本的课程信息,如科目、课程和描述.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I plan ahead for registration?
  • Log in to the registration tool. 在这里,您将看到几个选项,可以帮助您准备注册.

  • 在“准备注册”页面上,您可以在注册工具中查看您的整体注册资料.

  • 使用“提前计划”功能为即将到来的学期制定计划,并访问您现有的Alamo GPS学术成功计划.

  • 在“查看报名信息”页面,您可以查看过去的日程安排.

  • 点击“浏览课程”或“课程目录”查看下学期的课程信息.
How can I view if I have any registration holds?


How do I drop a course during the registration period?

如果你想在注册期间退课, 在摘要部分找到您想要更改的课程,并从操作菜单中选择“学期前web drop”,然后单击提交.

How do I print my schedule?

Navigate to the "View Registration Information" screen. 通过从下拉菜单中选择术语来查看您的日程安排.


Where can I check the status of my student profile, view registration holds, see my time ticketing schedule, view the number of credit hours I've earned, class standing, and declared degree and major?


Where can I see my time ticketing schedule?


Where can I view my class standing?

View your “academic status” to see your class standing.

Where can I view my declared degree and major?


Where can I view the number of credit hours I’ve earned?


Why don’t I see online courses on my calendar view?


These will not show on the calendar.

Will remote classes meet at a specific date and time?

If you add a course with a face-to-face (F2F), hybrid/blended course, or remote synchronous instructional method, it will meet on a specific date and time.


Instructional Methods

As the Alamo Colleges continues its return to on-site operations在美国,学生在报名上课时将看到各种各样的教学方法. 通过查看下面的定义来了解您要注册的类的类型.

Online/Fully Distance Education Course

这种形式的教学不发生在特定的日子或时间, otherwise known as “asynchronous” learning. At least 85% of this instruction is delivered online* 通过Canvas和其他在线工具,让学生在自己的时间学习. There may be a face-to-face component such as orientation, laboratory, exam review, or an in-person test, which would be communicated by the instructor.

Remote Synchronous

Remote synchronous instruction takes place 100% online at scheduled class days and times.* 它提供面对面教学的好处,同时最大限度地保持社交距离. 远程教学通过Zoom、Canvas和其他在线工具进行.

Face-to-Face (F2F)

面对面是指教师和学生在同一时间处于同一物理位置. These courses meet for on-campus instruction at least 50% of the time.* There may be some remote elements to these courses.

Hybrid/Blended Course

这些课程包括远程同步教学和面对面教学. In these courses, 50-85% of instruction is remote synchronous.*

*In the registration tool, 点击课程标题可以查看该课程教学方法的详细信息.